Islena Dávila

Nicaragua Country Manager
Islena Davila is an environmental engineer with a postgraduate degree in hydrology, serves as the Country Manager in Nicaragua. Her professional journey, which began in 2016, has been marked by her dedication to community development in the water and sanitation sector in collaboration with various government organizations.

In 2022, her career took a significant turn as she joined GRID Alternatives, driven by the conviction that energy also plays a crucial role in development, being one of the primary needs for rural communities. Her experience with GRID has provided her with a deeper understanding of the country's reality, and she has become passionate about empowering the most vulnerable groups.

Confronted with significant challenges, Islena has demonstrated exceptional interest, notably in fundraising initiatives and forging connections with diverse stakeholders. She recognizes that cooperative endeavors are vital for bolstering those facing the most substantial needs, emphasizing that genuine strength is derived from unity.