Sonia Villaverde

Solar Workforce Program Manager, Puerto Rico
Sonia Villaverde, a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, spent 22 years as a university professor teaching Environmental Science and Climate Change in the mainland before returning to her homeland in 2013. With a background in managing programs for K-12 students, university degree programs, and community-based workshops, Sonia's expertise extends to water conservation, coastal ecology, and solar energy in Puerto Rico. As the founder of LOLA Costanera, Inc., she led transformative outreach programs using an interdisciplinary approach, focusing on environmental conservation education via the expressive arts. In her recent role as an energy analyst, PV systems designer and consultant, Sonia empowers rural small business owners and farmers with knowledge to address their energy challenges. Her unique blend of educational principles, community involvement and photovoltaics expertise allow her to present complex topics in accessible ways. Currently serving as the Grid Alternatives Program Manager at the IBT Program in Puerto Rico, Sonia continues her commitment to education, community engagement, and sustainable solutions. She currently lives in a 20-feet camper off-grid with her dogs.