Bilal Qassem, GRID Colorado Construction Assistant


June 16, 2015

Meet our newest staff, Construction Assistant Bilal Qassem! Starting as a volunteer, moving up to become a Team Leader, and finally becoming part of GRID Colorado's construction team, Bilal's dedication and consideration make him an invaluable part of the GRID family.

A dedicated volunteer

Bilal Qassem is a volunteer originally from Jerusalem, Palestine, who has been in the United States for the past five years. Bilal began volunteering with GRID Alternatives in 2013. A student of Ecotech Institute in Aurora, his first installs were sponsored by Ecotech Institute. However, he soon found something in GRID Alternatives that made him want greater involvement.

“When I got into GRID, I liked it, [because] I was looking for something similar to GRID, to help no-income families - zero-income families. With other companies, you just pick up your tools and materials and go, you just get the objective done. With GRID, we’re trying to have fun on the install, educate people on solar energy, travel and meet new people in the field."

Becoming a Leader in his Field

Bilal soon became a valued Team Leader, known for his hard work, skill, and perseverance on install sites. He impressed GRID's construction team as having strong leadership qualities. "As a Team Leader, I trained myself to have more patience with myself and volunteers, to be more professional. [The goal is to] have fun, educate, and go home safe. 

Bilal has ambitious goals for his future and hopes that working with GRID will help him towards his objective of providing solar access to households in his hometown, Jerusalem. He wants to build off of GRID's model or open an international GRID Alternatives office in Palestine, to offer the same benefits to clients, workforce, and the environment that GRID provides in the United States.