East meets West: Cyclists come together in support of solar affordable housing


June 30, 2016


Learning to install standoffs on GRID CO's mock roof
Learning to install standoffs on GRID CO's mock roof

Bike & Build is a non-profit that engages young adults in cycling trips to fundraise for affordable housing. Participants raise money while bicycling and volunteering with local non-profits. The team of 26 cyclists visited the GRID Colorado office halfway through a cross-country cycling trip from Virginia to Oregon.

Michael Johnson-Chase is currently biking solo on his "GRID Alternatives Trans-American Cycling Tour."  Michael is visiting GRID’s 10 US offices, volunteering, and planning to raise $10,000 towards GRID's work. His route runs from California to Washington DC. 

By coincidence, the cyclists crossed paths in Denver.

GRID Colorado hosted the cyclists for a hands-on solar skills workshop. The cyclists practiced installing standoffs on GRID's new mock roof and tested solar modules. Michael and the Bike and Build riders learned from each other, swapping advice on cycling gear and the best route to take through Kansas.  

Cyclists practice testing solar modules
Cyclists practice testing solar modules

These riders inspire us! We are so grateful we had the opportunity to meet them on their journey to raise money and awareness for the cause of affordable housing.

You can follow Michael’s journey on his travelogueHelp him reach his goal of $10,000 raised for GRID by donating to his Climate Ride Independent Cycling Challenge!