GRID trainee flies to the future


October 05, 2020
GRID trainee holds certificate

If there was ever someone dedicated to completing a GRID training class, it is Paul Matthews. In fact, Paul waited over a year to be enrolled in the first ever cohort of Installation Basics Training in the GRID Colorado office. Currently working as a drone pilot, Paul can see tons of opportunity at the intersection of flying commercial drones and building a more sustainable future through solar energy.

Paul was born and raised in Colorado, where he received a degree in African American Studies with a minor in Aviation Management. Throughout his life, Paul made many contributions to our community and to our country. Paul is a proud Navy Veteran. For six years, he was part of the military search and rescue as a Crew Chief on helicopters. He has taught high school Geography, Social Studies, and American Civics. Paul has even won awards from the Westword local newspaper for his hip-hop musical career.

From the moment Paul came to GRID, it was clear that he wanted to build his knowledge of solar to fast-track his drone career in the area where his passion lied. He sees huge opportunities for solar companies to become more efficient and more productive through the usage of unmanned aircraft. With the knowledge that he gained from GRID’s Installation Basics Training, he hopes to work with local solar companies to more safely execute site visits, to rapidly complete operations and maintenance inspections, to survey land for new project development and more.

Drones are on the cutting-edge of solar industry process improvements and GRID trainees like Paul can be your pilot!