Meet Our New SolarCorps Fellow, Rosa!

Hey GRID CO! If we haven't already been introduced, my name is Rosa and I'm the SolarCorps Workforce Development Fellow. I started in September working with the AMAZING Workforce Team, April, Troy, and Adena. I've primarily been recruiting for Installation Basics Training (IBT), as well as developing new curricula with April to build out the soft-skills portion of IBT's career readiness preparation. I've also been able to assist with some of the grant reporting for one of IBT's funders, DURA (Denver Urban Renewal Authority), including writing narratives about our trainees' journeys, which I love doing! I hope to gain more experience in grant reporting, as well as potentially contribute to some upcoming grant applications. 

What drew me to GRID was the justice-centered mission and vision and the emphasis on equity, inclusion, and diversity (EID) within the organization. I've been involved in grassroots organizing focused on ending the prison-industrial complex, mass incarceration, and promoting decarceration initiatives at a community level. Learning that the Workforce Department engages with community members re-entering from prison or jail through their training programs drew me towards the position even more.

A bit about me personally: I grew up in Central New York (It's Upstate, so no, not NYC at all... think small, post-industrial cities surrounded by dairy farms). I studied policy studies at Syracuse University with a concentration in housing policy and urban planning and development. Being educated about the housing crisis going on locally and advocating for community-based solutions to issues around housing, energy, and access to public transportation are deeply important to me. I'm always trying to find more ways to be active in community efforts, so I'm open to suggestions for meetings to attend or groups to connect with.

I just relocated to Denver in August and I am SO ENJOYING the amount of sunlight here (we get like 60 days of partial sunlight where I'm from). I love to get into the mountains and hike every weekend, I'm a HUGE podcast nerd (beware that if you start talking to me about podcasts the conversation will not be short), and any chance to dance, I'm there. I also LOVE pugs (yes, I have one back home named Dill Pickles and I dress him up sometimes). 

Thanks everyone for being so welcoming my first couple months at GRID....looking forward to 2022!