Antonia Rojas receives no-cost solar from GRID and a visit from Senator Connie Leyva

Pictured: Senator Connie Leyva presents Antonia Rojas with a State of California Senate Certificate of Recognition during her solar installation. 

“Lately, the climate in the Inland Empire has become really hot” says Antonia, a 33-year resident of Ontario.

Like many, she has recently faced high energy bills due to extreme heat–except now, she no longer has to. 

Antonia’s home is just one of one hundred to receive no-cost solar as part of the California Strategic Growth Council's Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Grant. Through Ontario SHINE and GRID's Energy for All Program. GRID IE is installing on one hundred single-family homes in an effort to foster thriving Ontario households and neighborhoods which also include programs like urban forestry and affordable housing. 

“I love my community. We all like to keep our neighborhood clean, peaceful, and always look out for each other” says Antonia during the day of her solar installation.

She explains that earlier this year, “a person I knew from Zumba gave me a flier for this program. I knew that I could trust her – that she wouldn’t give me bad information.”

In today’s world, Antonia proceeds with extra caution when it comes to making big decisions. Fortunately for Antonia, her classmate was someone she could trust. Plus, after her own research, Antonia was able to confirm that the community program was a reliable partnership between her city and GRID IE.

Connie Leyva

To the homeowner’s shock, an unexpected guest arrived on the last day of her solar installation. “I was so surprised to see Senator Leyva at my house!” Antonia exclaims after accepting a Senate Certificate of Recognition from the State of California. Similarly, GRID Alternatives received a certificate from Senator Connie M. Leyva for installing its thirty eighth solar project in the TCC Ontario SHINE initiative.

As the busy day was coming to an end, we asked Antonia a few questions:

What advice would you give to people who are on the fence about getting solar with GRID?
“Do the program – it’s a great decision! Now, the money I save on electricity can be used on other expenses.”

What about GRID’s program has surprised you the most?
“It was all very professional. Especially the electrical part of the solar installation. I also had a great experience with Nadia [from GRID IE's Outreach Team]; she helped me by explaining certain parts of the contract and resolved any doubts I had.”

Overall, how was your experience with GRID?
“Everything was good – you’re all doing a great job. I’m looking forward to a significant reduction in my bill!”


Solar Install

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