Construction SolarCorps Fellows Build Leadership Skills


September 26, 2016

GRID’s SolarCorps Construction Fellowship represents a one-year service commitment for highly motivated individuals to gain valuable exposure to all aspects of solar construction as well as installation supervisory experience. GRID IE newest SolarCorps Construction Fellows include Giovanni Esti, Josh Gardner, and Eric Plowman. All three saw value in volunteerism as their combined hours before accepting a GRID Fellowship totaled almost 1,500 hours. “I find GRID’s concept of facilitating change in ways other than money to be compelling,” commented Giovanni. “At GRID there is a transaction of giving time and receiving an education while helping someone in need.” 

Josh Garndner agrees with Giovanni’s assessment. He has a background in electrical work and applies it to leading teams of volunteers who help Inland Empire families reduce their electric bills. “The thing I found compelling about GRID was giving back to the community,” Josh said. “I volunteer at my church and I’m always looking for ways to help others. My desire to put other people’s needs before my own will continue to thrive during my time with GRID.” 

Our third Construction Fellow, Eric Plowman sees SolarCorps as an opportunity to further develop his leadership skills. Eric is a graduate of a local college’s electrical training program which helped build his confidence teaching others about solar installation. “Becoming confident with my responsibilities at a Team Leader helps me easily translate those techniques into instructional experiences for job trainees at GRID,” Eric said. “I see SolarCorps as a means to enhance my hard and soft skills as I advance my career.”

GRID Alternatives offers various job training and volunteering opportunities as well as certifications. If you are seeking employment, check out solar! Contact our Workforce & Volunteer department at 951.471.7043 or for more information.