Guest Blog: Summer Internship with GRID


October 22, 2018

As a student from the University of California, Riverside, and as a Global Studies major, Wendy Juarez wanted to focus on the global environment and learn more about ways and tactics to reduce carbon footprint on a global scale. I decided to take two sustainability courses during the summer of 2018 to further my knowledge about energy conservation and heard about GRID Alternatives from my professor.

Not knowing what GRID Alternatives was initially, I thought it would be a good idea to apply for the Marketing and Communication Internship position. I got a call back from GRID and was asked to come for an interview. I was very excited and came to my interview ecstatic to finally meet the staff. The very same day, I was told that I would be working under the supervision of Natasha Ferguson, GRID’s Marketing and Communications Analyst. Under her supervision, I not only learned a multitude of marketing skills, but also made a longtime friend. I felt that I have grown a lot due to her expertise and assistance in the marketing department. Natasha, along with the rest of the Marketing and Outreach team have taught me a lot about GRID and how to successfully implement my new learned knowledge into the department.

During my time with GRID, I worked on projects that include writing blogs for our newsletter, assisting with prep work for the Third Annual Summer Celebration, contacting invitees for our events, and interviewing former volunteers and trainees to spotlight in our monthly newsletter. Working in the office gave me an opportunity to work off my creativity and gave me a sense of responsibility necessary to succeed in any work setting.

I was also given the opportunity to attend an install. I believe it was one of the greatest opportunities I had with GRID. I learned a lot about the technical stuff needed to install a solar system and learned how to use tools I have never seen before. Not only was it extremely fun and informational, but I made many new friends along the way and I can confidently say that the GRID staff are the kindest and most amiable group of people I have ever met.

The invaluable experience I had with GRID Alternatives greatly influenced my studies going forward. I decided to pursue a Sustainability Studies degree in hopes to work for a non-profit like GRID in the future. I felt that the skills learned during my internship can be utilized in multiple disciplines and possibly help me succeed in both academic and professional settings.

If you would like to intern with GRID Alternatives, or would like to earn skills in Marketing and Communications, visit GRID's website to learn more and apply. GRID Alternatives is an excellent place to give your time, give back to the community and support a bigger cause of reducing the greenhouse emissions, making the Inland Empire a greener place.