The Impact of IE's Solarthon 2012


June 28, 2012

On Saturday, May 19th GRID IE hosted its inaugural community solar installation and annual fundraiser, Solarthon, in the City of San Jacinto, California. If you read our Solarthon wrap-up blog, you know our focus for the event went beyond connecting panels to rooftops, toward creating a sustainable event that we can use as a template for years to come. We established multiple bottom lines for our event to include volunteer recruitment, community building, fundraising, vocalizing GRID’s mission, and environmental impact. These five key elements, we feel, play huge roles in the sustainability of Solarthon, as well as our ongoing program here in the Inland Empire.

We’ve put together an impact report that highlights the outcomes of these elements, providing a snapshot of the success of Solarthon and identifying what areas we can improve on next year!

Check out the GRID Alternatives Inland Empire Solarthon 2012 Impact Report!

Now that you’ve worked your brain with the hard data figures from Solarthon, we invite you to sit back, relax, have some popcorn, sesame chips or whatever your favorite movie snack is, and indulge in this fun montage of highlights from GRID IE’s Solarthon 2012! FYI: There is music in the video so you may want to use your headphones.