Supporting the Bishop Paiute Tribe with EV chargers

GRID IE is proud to continue our work and partnership with the Bishop Paiute Tribe. The Tribe was awarded a clean transportation grant of $1.5M from CARB (California Air Resources Board) to implement an electric vehicle ride-share program.

In support of this grant, Stella Ursua - Senior Programs and Partnerships Manager for GRID GLA, and Lisa Castilone - Community Development and Tribal Manager for GRID IE, working together to support GRIDs' partnership with the Bishop Paiute Tribe, donated two level 2 EV chargers to the Tribes program. The level 2 chargers were provided to GRID GLA by the Honda Foundation as part of their ongoing partnership.

The EV chargers will be installed at the Tribes Elders Lodge and Senior Center as part of the more extensive ride-share program.

Tomas Gustie, Natural Resources Specialist for the Bishop Paiute Tribe Environmental Management Office, collected the EV chargers from our warehouse at GRID's Greater Los Angeles location, shown in the photo above.