Virtual Installation Basics Training

The Virtual IBT Program is an online virtual training course consisting of 40 hours of curriculum, videos, and quizzes. Our curriculum is vetted by industry employers and incorporates the latest solar technologies, so you can be confident you’re getting relevant, comprehensive training. You’ll complete your training with advanced solar knowledge that will help you launch your solar career and be ready to work on day one. Additionally, Virtual IBT will support you from recruitment to placement, providing resume-building, soft skills training, and job search assistance to help you get the job and keep the job. The professional development skills taught in the program are transferable to careers across the building trades and beyond.  The training program’s projected value is $800 per student, however we will offer this training at no cost.

Training participants can expect to learn knowledge and skills needed to qualify for paid job training opportunities through programs like Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH)..SOMAH Job training is an opportunity for individuals to get learn hands-on solar installation. 

This will be a self paced training over the course of two weeks, with a mandatory first day orientation and daily check ins.

Upcoming Trainings: 

  • September 12th to 23rd
  • October 3rd to 14th 
  • October 24th to November 4th 
  • November 21st to December 2nd 
  • December 12th to December 23rd 

Please, fill the interest form to receive a follow up email for next steps. 

Questions, contact Workforce & Training Coordinator Sandra Mancilla-Romero | 951.471.7043 |