SunEdison and GRID Alternatives announced an expanded partnership through RISE, a new national initiative to build a more inclusive solar workforce and connect an industry that needs good people with communities that need good jobs. Read More >
When Charlie Wilde started taking classes at Solar Energy International in 2013 he knew already what his goals were. Many people jump into the solar industry for lots of different reasons and with different outcomes, but for Charlie he had already made plans and was committed to following through with them. That’s why when NPR reached out to Solar Energy International to hear more from their students, they mentioned Charlie right away. His dedication to learning, positive attitude, and the reasons for joining the solar movement all stand out among the many people who move through the beautiful SEI Campus. Read More >
In Nicaragua last year, I joined a team of strangers as we traveled to the small Central American country to install solar for a rural village and see another part of the world with the GRID Alternatives International Program. Throughout the week people commented on “Nica time” warning us not to worry if things didn’t always follow the prescribed path. Over the week we all learned to let go and give the schedule over to the circumstance, to let the days flow uninhibited, to laugh, to work hard, and to understand that what will be, will be. It was a powerful experience to see a transformation as the group settled in with a different culture and concept of time. Read More >
Ever hear that charming song that plays as the clock strikes midnight, year after year amid cascading balloons and confetti? Auld Lang Syne is its traditional name, and this song carries with it a sentimental meaning and deep history. Check out our version, as we recall all the memories, friends, and hard work of 2014. Read More >
GRID’s impact is best told through the words of our clients. Having recently joined the GRID team here in Colorado, I have been taking time to get to know some of our clients so that I can better understand the work that we do. The following transcript is from a conversation I had with Amy Sue Pinto, who we installed a 3kw solar system for back in March of 2014. Read More >
Clay Chism and Bilal Qassem are from different parts of the world that are no strangers to conflict. But these two sure know that the key word in team leader is “team”. Their friendship stands out among the crew of volunteers, as they work together to help one another achieve important goals. Read More >
Last week at the Americas Latino Eco-Festival (ALEF), GRID Colorado had the privilege of joining the Sierra Club and a distinguished group of speakers for a panel on Race and Renewable Energy. Read More >
We're launching our Solar Affordable Housing Program in the Mid-Atlantic region! The EPA's Gina McCarthy, HUD’s Julian Castro, & White House officials came out to celebrate with us and shine a spotlight on access to solar power for low-income families. Read More >
Jim’s love for solar started decades ago. In a woodworking class he participated in a group project to create a solar cooker, warming a hot dog on a chilly Michigan spring day. One swine sausage later he was hooked. “I thought the whole idea behind solar, collecting power from the sun, was the way to go.” Read More >
Austin Thompson is an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Nations who reside in North Carolina on ancestral homelands, and are the only federally recognized tribe in the state. Austin brings with him a wealth of knowledge about what it’s like to be a Native American in our country today, and with that comes his passion for promoting renewable energy to all tribal nations. Read More >


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