Colorado Clean Mobility Program and Electric Vehicle Rebates

Colorado Clean Mobility Program Update

The Colorado office is proud to roll out its Clean Mobility Program, with the hopes of addressing head-on the transportation challenges facing many in our city and state. Like many across the country, Colorado residents are feeling the rising costs of gasoline and the impacts of traditionally powered vehicles on the quality of our air. Putting more clean transportation options into operation could help our communities save money and breathe easier.

By the end of 2023, the CO Clean Mobility team plans to assist 120 income qualified individuals in purchasing an electric vehicle, as well as assist at least 100 individuals with the installation of a level 2 charging station at their place of residence. In partnership with Xcel Energy, Grid Alternatives CO plans to provide qualified electric vehicle purchasers in Colorado with up to $5,500 toward the purchase of a new electric vehicle, $3,000 toward the purchase of a used vehicle, and $1,300 toward the installation of a level 2 charger at their home. We’ll be helping new EV drivers to save money on automobile expenses like gas and maintenance, understand their new cars and batteries, and be able to charge vehicles overnight hours at home.

The Colorado team hopes to install many of these level 2 chargers at no cost alongside rooftop solar installations. Plans are also coming together with local partners and credit unions to help finance the purchase of electric vehicles and bicycles. You can find more information and assistance applying for an electric vehicle or charger rebate by emailing or calling 866-434-1690.