Clean Mobility

We now have the technology to replace gasoline with sunshine, which has the benefit of being better for the planet and dramatically cheaper for drivers to ‘fill up’. GRID knows that electric vehicles and clean mobility are powerful opportunities for reparation in communities that have borne the brunt of the gasoline economy.
Imagine wanting a solar energy system for your home but finding the expense out of your reach. Lupe Flores found herself in such a predicament. Lupe is in her sixties, on a tight budget, living with a disability, providing for her grandson, and paying a mortgage.

GRID Alternatives is helping families save money on transportation while improving air quality.

As part of GRID Alternatives’ vision of a transition to clean, renewable energy that includes everyone, we are part of a new initiative to make clean vehicles and other clean transportation options more accessible to the communities we serve.

GRID has been making great strides in clean mobility; creating greater accessibility to clean and reliable transportation options; since the launch of the Clean Cars for All Program in 2018. Here in the Bay Area, we’ve just launched a Clean Mobility department, managed by Cynthia Ibarra, formerly Clean Mobility Coordinator. Read on for a summary of our current clean mobility offerings.

“Sunrun’s mission is to create a planet run by the sun,” said Lynn Jurich, Sunrun’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder. “We’re working with leading non-profit organizations around the country to ensure no one is left behind as we build the clean energy future.”