We are grateful for your support of GRID North Coast

As this year ends, we want to share some of our highlights on the North Coast. In 2023, 42 projects were completed. These projects account for over 191 DC kW of PV (Solar) and 560kWhrs of storage (21 Tesla Powerwalls) + 2 Enphase Encharge.

We have engaged 14 trainees from 3 different Native American Tribes and one Mendocino College student. The number of trainees that completed GRID’s 40-hour online Solar Installation Basic Training course this year was 13. Ten trainees have already received hands-on training, while others are excited to gain this experience in 2024. Currently, 3 out of 5 of our full-time North Coast staff members started their GRID experience as trainees, showing the opportunities that can arise through a workforce development program. 

Our construction crew hosted a solar workshop for 20 students from North Bay Construction Corps. They spent the morning roofing the mock roofs, then turned the small roofs into solar energy systems. The GRID team talked with the students about tools and different types of equipment used while learning about the positive impacts of solar on bills and energy savings at home. 

Partnering with the Yurok Tribe, we installed the Weitchpec Tulley Creek Sustainable Facilities Project. We are excited about bringing solar to one of the most remote parts of the rural reservation very soon. Yurok Tribal members supported this project as trainees, gaining over 360 hours of online and on-the-roof training.

In partnership with Pinoleville Pomo Nation, we have substantially completed a ~20 kW solar system on the Community Gym, with the support of 3 trainees from the Tribe who all completed the online training and supported the majority of the installation. A microgrid project is under development.

We are currently working on ramping up a new partnership with Dry Creek Rancheria, preparing to install solar + storage for 25 single-family homes and a Community Center in the town of Cloverdale.

Our partnership with the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians is also experiencing growth as we plan for an upcoming 44 kW solar project on the Hopland Gym. We look forward to engaging new trainees from the Tribe and local colleges for this project.

Community collaboration has enabled us to keep growing our service to local communities this past year. THANK YOU! For supporting GRID North Coast work. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and new year! 

In community,

The North Coast team