Bay Area News

Jose Montes is GRID Bay Area's newest Community Engagement Coordinator. He desires to help everyone around him for a brighter, cleaner, future. Jose's passion for construction began at a young age working for his fathers construction company which led him to Construction Project Managing. He attended CSU East Bay as a Construction Manager Major, where he fell in love with sustainable building and got his LEED Green associates credential. He someday dreams of seeing a world full of net positive homes. Read on to learn more about Jose.
The GRID North Coast office is proud that we are currently on the cusp of completing our biggest project ever, a Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) project in Round Valley. This solar project is serving a 12 unit townhome community. One of the highlights of this project is that we were able to hire two trainees to support who gained solar installation experience on the job. We are thrilled to introduce one of these Trainees, Angelo Bettega, who is a total rock star!
Thanks in large part to Sunrun, GRID Alternatives Bay Area recently installed an 8.06 kW solar system at the Rio Vista Veterans Residence. The home will provide a permanent residence with case management and support services for six formerly homeless veterans. The six bedroom house is being built by Solano-Napa Habitat for Humanity and will be owned and operated by the Berkeley Food & Housing Project with the assistance of American Legion Post 178.

As you exit Highway 101 and drive into Redwood Valley Rancheria, you can see the scorched slopes of the surrounding hills - evidence of how close the fires came to destroying this lovely valley. The dead trees stand as a reminder even though the grass is green and lush under them. It’s been two years since the fire took several homes in this community, leaving tribal members in FEMA trailers waiting for their homes to be rebuilt.