Beyond Black History Month

In Remembrance of Tyre Nichols

Son, father of a 4-year-old, skateboarder and gentle soul, Tyre Nichols was in high school when he started skateboarding at Regency Skate Park in Sacramento, California. He was only 2 blocks away from his home before he was brutally assaulted for three minutes by five Memphis officers on January 7, 2023. Per police body cam footage Nichols told police that “he was just trying to get home” but unfortunately he didn’t. Three days later he was pronounced dead. While this was a tragedy that was both unfortunate and unnecessary, a greater tragedy is the frequency with which we have been witnessing these events. 

As this issue struck a chord throughout GRID’s community, our (EID) Equity, Inclusion and  Diversity team, hosted two hour-long sessions for co-workers to reflect, hold space and commemorate the Life of Tyre Nichols. Please allow a moment of silence and peace for Tyre Nichols.

At GRID Alternatives, we are working on implementing educational and informational campaigns that incorporate truth-telling as a framework for our narratives and communications to affirm GRID’s values and at the same time celebrate the work of individuals and Environmental Justice communities through Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity lens, to educate and provide a historical context to GRID’s work. 

On February 28th, GRID will be kicking off our NEW monthly webinar series, “GRID Talks,” where we will feature advocates, academics, researchers, and representatives from Environmental Justice communities for dialogue around topical issues related to GRID’s work and the work towards a just transition to clean energy. Look for more information very soon!