Clean Car Makes Space for Caretaking

When Morgan bought her used Chevy Bolt in August, she wrote GRID’s staff to say, “thank you again for making it possible to get into an electric vehicle…Not only do I feel good about being part of the solution, but it has been good for our family also.” 

Morgan lives in San Mateo County and helps care for her mother who needs medical assistance. She was able to buy an electric vehicle (EV) through the used EV rebate program offered by Peninsula Clean Energy, a local community choice aggregator that provides clean energy to San Mateo County and Los Banos residents, in partnership with GRID Alternatives Bay Area. 

“The money that we are saving (on gas) allowed me to buy my mother a much lighter wheelchair that I am able to lift and put in the back of my new Chevy Bolt,” Morgan said. “She has dementia and is very weak. But now I can take her places and we can actually do more things together.” Morgan recently took her mother out to a Palo Alto restaurant, something that they had not been able to do without a reliable car and wheelchair. “Even with the dementia she must have realized we hadn’t done anything like this in a long time. She looked at me and said with so much feeling and joy, ‘This is so nice to sit here at a restaurant and enjoy our time together.’ These are the moments that I cherish with her now,” Morgan said. 

Morgan’s EV not only saved her money in a time when gas prices have soared, but it also allowed her to spend much-needed quality time with her mother. She has shared the program with all her friends and neighbors after receiving the rebate. You can find more information about GRID Alternatives’ Clean Mobility programs here.