The City of Riverside recently announced the launch of the Eastside Climate Collaborative, a four-year project that includes seven non-profit and governmental partners to complete smart growth projects in the Eastside neighborhood of Riverside.
Michael Elkins first learned about GRID through his fellowship with Mission Continues, a nonprofit that empowers veterans by helping them build skills and networks to successfully reintegrate them into the civilian lifestyle.
Free Residential Solar Systems Come to Adams County, Arapahoe County, and City of Thornton
Miriam and her family have been Ontario residents for 38 years and she is the matriarch of her large family.
Providing solar installation training to individuals who want to enter t
This Earth Month, we're celebrating Earth Heroes making the world a better place through their dedication to renewable energy access!
For Women’s History Month, GRID Mid-Atlantic has been celebrating the efforts and excellence of women in solar. Ramonita Ramey, a GRID client who lives in Northeast D.C., worked in solar a little earlier than the rest of us. To be precise, she got a job making solar cells in a Maryland factory 43 years ago, long before rooftop solar power became popular.
In the years since California’s deadliest wildfire, GRID Alter