Since we started GRID in 2004, the urgency for equitable solutions to climate change has only grown. As it gets hotter, seniors are choosing between turning on the air conditioning and buying their medicine. Meanwhile, folks need good jobs that pay a living wage and don’t make them sick.
A positive attitude and a lots of prayers helped make all of this possible.
On the rooftop of a San Francisco family, a whole GRID community comes together for a brighter future for all.
On June 27, 2017, Pamela went solar and installed solar. Getting up on the rooftop and installing her own solar panels is one of her favorite memories of GRID.
In the 90’s, Vivian Ellen Cooks met her husband and ultimately they deci
Homeowner Pamela Whyte is the sole breadwinner of her household with two adult children and one grandchild.
Healthcare is a necessary part of everyday life. However, when burdened with the weight of taking care of a sick loved one and trying to pay bills, it becomes clear how vital good healthcare and a good support system play in navigating through tough times.
Circa News' Alexandra Hines joined GRID Alternatives for Tyrone's install, and talked with him about his solar savings.
Longtime Perris School Board member Virniecia Green-Jordan has always seen the value of technology, both in the classroom and industry.
Solarthon, a solar installation block party and fundraiser is an annual