Solar for Chemehuevi Tribal Families


March 30, 2020
Two volunteers at Chemehuevi tribal family install

GRID Alternatives Inland Empire recently installed solar for four qualified single-family homes on the Chemehuevi reservation in Lake Havasu, California. ​GRID’s Tribal Program​ helps tribal communities become self-sustaining by providing valuable resources to assist with their clean energy goals. Solar helps these tribal members reduce their energy bills up to 80%, allowing them to live more comfortably while using clean energy and helping them to have money for essentials such as home improvements, medication, and health care. 

Collectively, these four families’ solar systems are expected to produce over $350,000 worth of energy over its 20-year lifetime. Funding sources for these tribal projects come from the​ ​Tribal Solar Accelerator Fund​ (TSAF)

For more information, contact Lisa Castilone at 951.471.7047.