Solar and weatherization team up to lower Naomi's energy costs


April 17, 2020
Women turns on her home solar system

Naomi Shippley recently installed rooftop solar on her home through GRID Alternatives and the Energy Resource Center (ERC).  Naomi, a resident of the Sunnyside neighborhood in North Denver, first learned about GRID Alternatives from her neighbor. After submitting an application to ERC, she was able to participate in the weatherization program.  This program offers energy-efficient upgrades for income-qualified households in Denver, Jefferson and Broomfield counties.  Upgrades include insulation, lighting, faucets and appliances.  Solar is also one of the services offered through ERC. GRID Alternatives is pleased to be one of ERC's solar installation partners, working together to include everyone in the transition to clean energy.

Naomi is grateful for the financial savings her solar system and weatherization will provide every month.  She wants more seniors on a fixed income to know about programs that can help lower their monthly expenses.  Please share with friends and family that could benefit from the programs that agencies like GRID Alternatives and ERC offer for income-qualified residents. 

To learn more and submit your application, please visit our partners at the Energy Resource Center.