Making ends meet has always been a struggle for Ron and his wife, Brenda, but now with medical equipment running in their home on a continual basis, their utility bills are soaring. When they heard...
It’s been a year since Solar Works DC launched - see the impacts to date!
“GRID helped save my life.” These were the exact words from a GRID client and new homeowner, who faced paying a mortgage and high electric bills — leaving her stressed and financially depleted. This is a situation that I know oh so well.
Our Board is a Wealth of Experience and Knowledge
Below is a guest blog from Barbara Postel, a resident of the Atchison Village community where GRID held it’s 13th Annual Solarthon event. Barbara, whose solar system had been installed prior to the event, spent her Saturday giving back to GRID alongside the team of Solar Champions who had fundraised in support of the event. We are so lucky to have amazing people like you in the GRID family, Barbara!
When Pittsburg resident Liduvina Abud learned about GRID, she knew she needed to include her son, who lives just around the corner from her. But when she found out that she and her son were going to have solar installed by GRID on the same day, she didn't realize that they would also be giving back to local job trainees, providing hands-on training to a Pittsburg-based crew from Future Build.
Parksdale Subdivision in Madera, California was the location for this year's Solarthon.
Once a year GRID Alternatives celebrates Earth Day through our activities and projects that help people make greener energy choices. As the nation’s largest nonprofit solar installer, GRID is uniquely positioned to make a positive impact in communities plagued with poor air quality.
If you haven’t heard – GRID Alternatives reached the milestone of 10,000 solar electric systems installed for underserved households nationwide.