Energy Savings you can count on


July 08, 2020

Wade Watkins poses in a hard hat by a GRID banner
Mr. Watkins solar was installed three years ago by GRID staff and NAACP volunteers
Energy savings from solar energy are something you can count on during uncertain times. We followed up with a few of our clients to see how solar energy has been helping them during the pandemic.

Wade Watkins

Before his solar system was installed three years ago, Mr. Watkins’s monthly electricity bill used to be over one hundred dollars. With solar, his electric bill was $18 just two months ago! With the current pandemic, solar is helping keep electric costs down. “I wish everybody could have solar, because I know it’s doing me well - it could really help people.”


A group of people in hard hats pose on a roof with solar
Solar Spring Breakers joined Matthew on his roof to install solar energy


Matthew Bellomo

Since his install a year ago, Matthew hasn’t “paid one penny in electricity.” The savings have been especially helpful during the pandemic. With the solar energy, his family is able to stay comfortable while at home all day and not worry about the cost. 



Mrs. Danelek poses with her goat
Mrs. and Mrs. Danelek's system was safely installed by a three person crew
Jeff & Carol Danelek

Jeff and Carol’s monthly bills used to reach nearly $200. After the pandemic started, Jeff, a part-time art teacher, started to feel the financial strain. Fortunately, after an initial postponement due to the pandemic, GRID Colorado was still able to install his system with a three-person crew. “I’m expecting that this will reduce our bill pretty substantially,” says Jeff.



Sylvia Bautista

Habitat employee and homeowner Sylvia received no-cost solar from GRID Alternatives ten years ago. Now working remotely, she is grateful for her solar energy. “If I didn’t have the solar panels, I know I would struggle. But with COVID-19, and the solar panels, I’m able to save,” says Sylvia.

We are still qualifying clients and safely installing solar on homes! Refer a friend, family member, or neighbor who you think may qualify for our programs.