Saving During Uncertain Times


July 06, 2020
a group of people pose on a roof

Matthew first heard about GRID Alternatives through a colleague. “I was raising two children on a single income, and I was just making ends meet,” explained Matthew. In 2019, he was approved to get solar on his home through GRID North Valley. 

His installation was completed by Solar Spring Break students from the University of North Carolina. During the install, Matthew was able to join the Solar Spring Breakers on his roof and help install his own system. 

“I have not, since I’ve had the install, paid one penny [for] electricity,” says Matthew. These savings are especially helpful during the pandemic. His family has been sheltering in place as much as possible. With his son, a high school junior, at home, he has been able to stay cool and comfortable during the day while studying at home, without worrying about the cost. “It saved me so much money - I could see it being thousands and thousands of dollars over the years.” 

Matthew enjoys tracking his system’s performance through the mobile app - and watching the kilowatts his system produces go up. “I would recommend GRID to anyone I talk to - if you have a house you have to see if you qualify for GRID!”

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