North Valley

North Valley
GRID Alternatives helps low-income families save money while bringing clean solar energy onto the grid, and providing volunteers and job seekers with hands-on experience in solar. Since 2011, the North Valley office has been helping families go solar throughout northern California, from Sacramento to Siskiyou county. Be a part of the clean energy transition- become a client, volunteer or make a donation today!
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Your gift puts solar power and solar jobs where they are needed most.

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GRID North Valley

Two locations serving 21 counties in the North State

3860 Morrow Lane, Suite A                      
Chico CA  95928                                     

1417 N Market Blvd, Suite 3
Sacramento CA  95834

General inquiries: / (530) 217-6115

Individual volunteering: / (530) 217-6154

Donations and corporate sponsorships: / (916) 472-3269


Meet Brittney, a GRID Rock Star

Meet Brittney, a 2022-23 SolarCorps Construction Fellow, a graduate of our Installation Basics Training (IBT) program, and a current resident of Mirasol Village, where GRID Alternatives North Valley just installed a 137.9 kW solar photovoltaic system! We sat down with her to talk about her time in IBT, her transition into SolarCorps, and her experience living at Mirasol Village.

Stockton TCC helps Ms. Audrey Save With Solar

A Stockton resident for 55 years, Ms. Audrey is the definition of a community leader. Three times a week, she volunteers at the Northeast Community Center, and twice a week, she takes line dancing classes at Stribley Community Center. It’s this community spirit that eventually led to her partial re-roof and solar installation with GRID this summer at no cost to her.   

Considerations for Solar on Your Commercial or Multifamily Property

Solar PV (photovoltaic) technology has made great strides in the last decade and it’s easier now than ever to have your own system installed. However, while we would love to power every building with sunshine, there are many factors to consider when evaluating your building or site for a solar PV system. Not all solar systems are built equal.

Stockton Resident Takes a Chance with GRID

When Rebecca asked her friends about getting solar, they told her not to do it. Among their warnings, they said that it doesn’t work, it could ruin her roof, and that it was too expensive. But when she got a flier from GRID talking about our no-cost solar installation program, she was intrigued and decided to call us anyways to learn more about the program and how it could save her up to 80% on her electricity bill.