Camp Fire Survivor Saves with Continued Recovery Efforts

After the 2018 California wildfires, GRID prepared a strategic community Disaster Recovery Initiative in Butte County. Our goals were, and still are, to support efforts to build affordable housing while integrating clean and resilient energy technology solutions. GRID is an active member of the Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Group and contributes our organizational capacity and technical expertise to a number of regional efforts related to affordable housing, climate change, and disaster recovery. 

While still complying with COVID-19 protocols to limit potential exposure for our staff, our partners, and the communities we serve, we are continuing efforts for the Disaster Recovery Initiative to install solar for those impacted by the Camp Fire in Butte county, such as recent Chico client Winston. Winston has lived in the Chico area as an integral member of the community, working as a baker, participating in local theater programs, and, most recently, working as a journeyman construction worker. Like many others, he fled his Paradise home during the devastating Camp wildfire that ravaged the area in November 2018, with his home sadly not being spared. Though he was eventually able to buy a new home, his income has been limited this year.

The 3.58 kW solar system installed this week at no-cost for Winston, will save an estimated $648 on utility costs this year alone! We are proud and honored to continue to play a role in rebuilding efforts in the Butte County area and beyond.