Savings with Solar in Stockton


July 30, 2020
GRID Energy for All client

Ramiro was at home watching TV one night when he saw a news story about GRID Alternatives’ 100th no-cost solar installation in Stockton, and quickly reached out to see if he qualified for GRID’s Energy for All program. He is a hard-working family man, having served as a court clerk for the last 20 years, and as a taxi driver on the weekends, all while dealing with a pre-existing medical condition. 

Living with a big family often meant high electricity bills upwards of $200 a month, and he was hopeful about saving money with solar. After reaching out in August, Ramiro quickly went through the application process with GRID, and his family’s solar system was installed in October 2019. 

We followed up with Ramiro and he shared that everything has been excellent, and his bill has been zero since receiving solar. He’s been telling his friends and neighbors about GRID, telling them, “The savings are real. There’s no upfront costs. Nothing to really worry about.”

With families spending more time at home because of COVID-19, many have had to worry about the associated increases in electricity costs. GRID’s mission is to make renewable energy accessible to underserved communities so that families like Ramiro’s have savings to count on during times like these.