Staff Spotlight: Meet Liana Lei

Liana Lei comes to GRID Bay Area as the Administrative Manager supporting our Executive Director, Arthur Bart-Williams. Liana comes to GRID after 5 years of working for herself and is excited to bring her whole self to work.

Pronouns: she/we

How did you come to GRID?

I’ve known Wanda for over 20 years and she sends me GRID job postings from time to time. When she sent me the posting for the Administrative Manager position and mentioned that it supported Arthur Bart-Williams who I had crossed paths with in a seminar; I remembered the rapport I had with him which was very warm. I talked to Wanda and to Arthur and the rest was history. I’ve been working for myself for the last 5 years and I thought it would be good to put my skillsets to use and get to know GRID and contribute to the mission and culture. EID (equity, inclusion diversity) and bringing your whole self to work came up in my interview process and that really rung a curiosity in me.

What GRID value most resonates with you?

 Inclusivity. It hits a chord. I’m an immigrant from a village in China and even though I’ve been here for many years, that has always been a root close to my heart. 

What is your favorite GRID moment?

People’s generosity and openness to saying, “if you need help call me. I’ve been touched by everyone’s genuine warmth and generosity and their willingness to extend themselves and to feel like we all belong. You can do your job without being afraid you don’t know something. 

Fun Facts

I can cook really well. I’m a fusion cook. I can do really nice Chinese, Italian,  and American. I consider myself an amateur chef. I have a nag for putting different kinds of foods into a flavorful mix.

I speak five languages. Cantonese, Mandarin, Hoyanese (a Chinese village dialect) Korean and English.