Cynthia Silverthorn- A Solar Cyclist


June 05, 2015

GRID Alternatives Colorado has been fortunate to be supported by hundreds of dedicated and hard-working volunteers- Cynthia Silverthorn is an impressive model for all current and prospective GRID volunteers.  Cynthia, a Dallas, TX based Marketing Intelligence and Research Analyst with NRG, first came across GRID while cycling in last September’s Climate Ride which ran from New York City to Washington, DC.  While enroute, Cynthia happened to meet and strike up friendships with other Climate Riders from the GRID Alternatives team and decided right then, that she would support the GRID mission in any and every way possible.

Flash-forward seven months after her first Climate Ride: It is May 27th and Cynthia Silverthorn is standing in line waiting to rent a car from a vender at the Denver International Airport.  After flying over 600 miles, Cynthia is preparing to make the over four-hour drive through the Rocky Mountains from Denver to the first-ever GRID Alternatives community solar project in Grand Junction, Colorado.  Not only has Cynthia invested her valuable time to commute to and volunteer for this install, she has also chosen to be a financial donor for this year’s Community Solarthon.  Over the next two days (Friday, May 29th and Saturday, May 30th), Cynthia joined nearly 150 other GRID corporate sponsors, community volunteers, community solar subscribers and staff in installing a 29kW solar electric array dedicated 100% to income qualifying GRID clients.

Cynthia’s main volunteer role during the two day installation was on the construction side, but she was open and flexible to offering assistance with any task that needed attention- she helped park cars in the morning, corralled everyone on site for group photos, and even spent a few minutes with a KJCT8 news reporter (watch the segment HERE).  “I had a blast at the [Community] Solarthon in Grand Junction,” Cynthia told GRID staff, adding that it was thrilling “to be a part of the nation’s first community solar project for income qualified individuals.”

Community Solarthon is not the end of Cynthia’s devotion to the GRID mission and vision.  This coming September, Cynthia will be cycling on the official GRID Alternatives Climate Ride team.  This year, she and her team will be riding 320+ miles from Bar Harbor, MI to Boston, MA to advocate for increased access to utility bill and environment saving solar technologies. Be sure to support Cynthia and the GRID Alternatives Climate Ride team by visiting her FUNDRAISING PAGE and find out more about this year’s Climate Ride.

Ride on, Cynthia!