A second chance at life


March 02, 2018

“My name is Alfredo. The reason why I got into the solar class is because I think eventually everybody is going to want solar panels on their roof. They’ll be able to save money using the sun with solar panels.”

In 2014, Alfredo was in a car accident that left him in a coma for three weeks. “The doctors told me I wasn’t supposed to survive and I was a miracle. And I got a second chance at life.”

For the past two years, Alfredo has been working with counselors at the Opportunity Center to find a lasting job that can help his family thrive. He found out about the Solar Training Academy through our partners at Denver Housing Authority (DHA), specifically counselors from the DHA North Lincoln Opportunity Center. With his extensive experience in construction, Alfredo was immediately interested in the solar installation training program and the opportunity to be selected for ongoing, paid training with GRID. “All my life I’ve done construction - I have a hundred years of experience in roofing,” he laughed. But he’s most excited about solar. He graduated the two-week Solar Training Academy course and was selected for one of GRID’s three paid Construction Internship positions.

“There were a lot of great candidates this round,” said Workforce Development Manager Allison Moe. “It was difficult to choose. But Alfredo stood out.”

As a single dad, balancing work and childcare can be a challenge. “I have two daughters and I’ve always worked,” he said. “I want to make a lot of money and use it for my daughters college.” He sees solar as his ticket to a better life. “I want to improve my daughter’s lives and do whatever they need. Thank you guys for this opportunity. I’m going to do my best at this position that you guys offered me.”