Sustainability comes full circle: Joshua's story


August 14, 2019
man works on outdoor water project

Joshua Knight has always had a deep longing to help the underserved in physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. It was this longing that led him to Global Hope Network International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing sustainable solutions and transformational assistance to communities in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. As a sustainability engineer, he has been on the ground to assist with Transformational Community Development, water, and disaster response projects in Iraq, Lebanon, Myanmar, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Cameroon.

Now his sustainable mission has come full circle. Thanks to the Colorado Energy Office and GRID Alternatives, Joshua has been able to implement a renewable energy project for his own home. Back in April 2019, GRID installed a 2.75 KW solar PV system on Joshua’s roof. To date, the system has generated more electricity than Joshua’s family has used, meaning that he has been able to meet the power needs of his home and still send out extra electricity to the utility grid to be used by his neighbors.

“Working every day with our world’s poorest on sustainable, community-driven solutions to meet their basic needs is an amazing blessing,” Joshua said. “Now I’ve been further blessed with a sustainability project in my own backyard.” 

You can learn more about Joshua and support the GHNI mission by visiting

a group of smiling kids take a picture with Joshua
Joshua and the community