April 13, 2017

You make a difference.

You really do. You bring your enthusiasm, your knowledge, your strength, and your financial support together to install solar and serve local families in need. Every system you install means more money in local families' pockets, more clean energy and offset greenhouse gases, and more opportunities for training in the booming solar industry. 

But don't just take it from us!

Sun shines down on two volunteers as they install solar racking
Volunteers install a community solar array in Montrose, CO

“Everyone that comes is very respectful, the volunteers. It was nice being involved in the project and learning.” -- Yvonne, Denver, installed 2014

“My light bill is only $30-40 in the winter and under $20 in the summer. I am on cloud nine!” Veronica, Denver, installed 2013

“Well, I live on a small pension... before going solar we would usually have to worry about something. Now, we can enjoy going out to eat. Fantastic!” -- Michael, Denver, installed 2013

"I am so grateful for what you all are doing-- it will make a huge difference for me." Lori, Sheridan, installed 2016

“Wonderful experience. I have been sharing the employment options for job training, as well as volunteer opportunities. It was a wonderful experience and a blessing!” Cynthia, Denver, installed 2014

"It frees me - I'm not dependent on anyone else." -- Abdi, Sheridan, installed 2016

A group of veteran volunteers display the GRID Alternatives banner outdoors on a cool fall day
GRID Veterans Build with Solar Energy International (SEI) in 2016

To all our volunteers -- including our job training and corporate partners, and community members-- THANK YOU!