Do It! You Have No Limits!


February 27, 2017

Wells Fargo Bank is a solid supporter of GRID IE, both through awarding grants and participating in installations. Two Wells Fargo customer service specialists, Jenny Virgen and Melisa Lepley recently joined GRID for their first installation project, assembling a solar system for a family in Fontana. Both have experience volunteering with other organizations, but had been looking for an opportunity with more tangible results.

“I am very handy at home and was really looking forward to a rooftop installation,” Jenny said. “GRID starts off with safety first, then right into using power tools to build the rails. I was impressed on how quickly the supervisors explained the process and at the same time were able to build camaraderie with the group. Within just a couple hours I felt like I was part of the GRID team.”

Melisa commented that she also enjoys small home projects. “I do quite a few projects around the house,” she said. “I was excited to learn more and GRID provided me a great outlet to get that education. The GRID team is a warm, inviting group. They create a positive energy that sets the tone for the entire day. GRID made me feel like I had been volunteering with them for years.”

The Wells Fargo group consisted primarily of women who see solar as a great place to both volunteer or start a career. “Just look what we have done,” Melisa said. “We are working with power tools and installing solar panels. To all you women out there, your body can handle it. You have no limits!”

GRID offers businesses and organizations options to participate in solar installations throughout the Inland Empire. Our sponsored workday program offers a great way for your team to positively impact the environment while helping a family reduce their electric bill. If you are interested in scheduling a sponsored workday, please contact Kate Thibault at 951.471.7107 or send her an email at