Women in Solar

Lisa Castilone’s journey with GRID Alternatives began 11 years ago.
The keynote and panels from this free web conversation have been uploaded for public sharing.
The television film has been included in the list of nominees for the Cultural/History category.
Join us this Earth Day in celebrating these Earth Heroes who are making the world a better place through their dedication to renewable energy access!
"Women are important leaders. I also believe that our leadership will be more and more important over the next few weeks."
Over the years we’ve seen the importance of women seeing other women managing and installing a solar project from start to finish. Read how our Women in Solar work has made an impact in Nicaragua and Nepal through GRID's International Program.
In September, Kaila moved across the state to volunteer. Now, she is on the Construction Team. Continue reading to hear more!
GRID’s Women in Solar Program (WE Build) promotes a diverse and inclusive solar industry that includes women by providing valuable hands-on job training.