Training for Women in Solar

Being around new people and a new environment, Amy Croney was anxious on her first day of training in the GRID Alternative Central Valley Installation Basics Training (IBT) program. As class got underway, she pulled out her notebook and started taking notes. There was something different about her. You can tell by her demeanor that she meant business and she's not taking her opportunity for granted. It was inspiring to see her determination. 

During her exit interview five weeks later, she reflected on her experiences, the tears from her eyes spoke volumes where her words fell short. The support she received from her trainers has been invaluable.  This was the first time anyone has given her an opportunity, she said. She also shared with us that being a woman in a predominantly male environment wasn’t uncomfortable for her.  She said it motivates her to do her best and she doesn't want any special treatment. 

Here at GRID Alternatives, we believe that more gender diversity makes a happier work environment. According to The National Association of Women in Construction, women represented nearly 11% of the entire United States (US) construction workforce in 2022. Previous research has shown that Fortune 500 companies who have more women in leadership vs. companies with less, will outperform financially. According to the Center for Creative Leadership, a recent Gallup study found businesses with more gender diversity, have higher average revenues as well.

GRID Alternatives looks forward to increasing the numbers of women attending our training programs, the percentage of women in the construction workforce and in leadership roles.