Central Valley News

Imagine wanting a solar energy system for your home but finding the expense out of your reach. Lupe Flores found herself in such a predicament. Lupe is in her sixties, on a tight budget, living with a disability, providing for her grandson, and paying a mortgage.
Juan struggled to acquire a full-time job. He would often find himself jumping from one part-time job to another and stated, “I could never get paid more than minimum wage in any job I had before, but since graduating from GRID Alternatives IBT-200 solar training in 2021, he has had four or five interviews with solar companies, and they all offered better pay.”

Ivan is a GRID client and passionate community advocate of our program who was instrumental in getting solar installed on 40 homes in his neighborhood with GRID. Currently, he is block co-captain along with his wife, a Hmong resident and a first generation Mexican in his community neighborhood of homes and a senior villa. He wants to make sure to be unified in his community.