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Ask us about SOMAH

Reserve your SOMAH funding with GRID Central Valley today! SOMAH rebates can offset the entire cost of your solar investment. In other words, you and your residents receive all utility bill savings at no cost! Contact us today to learn how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

GRID Alternatives is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that has been installing solar systems exclusively for low-income communities since 2004. GRID CV is a proven and trusted solar integrator with an innovative workforce development program that integrates job training into every aspect of our work. Our model has informed public programs such as SASH, MASH and now SOMAH.

Every GRID installation is a job training opportunity that can be extended to your residents. We work with affordable housing partners to provide career development services for residents including on-site and free classroom solar education and hands-on training.

As a mission-driven organization, workforce development and tenant engagement are integral to GRID’s work. Our industry-leading service model can help you comply with SOMAH’s program requirements.

We offer expertise in:

  • Portfolio wide solar and financial analysis
  • Workforce development programming
  • Resyndication and rehab planning
  • Custom-tailored financing options


Contact Cheng Fou Saechao
Multifamily Coordinator

What is SOMAH?

SOMAH is the largest investment in solar on multifamily affordable housing to date in California. The program will be funded up to $1 billion dollars with a target of 300 megawatts installed through 2030.

The Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing (SOMAH) program benefits you and your tenants! SOMAH rebates can offset most if not all of the solar installation cost, reducing your operating cost while extending significant utility bill savings to your residents.

As a mission-aligned nonprofit, GRID Alternatives Central Valley provides turnkey solar installation services in a way no other solar contractor can.

Partner with us to start saving with SOMAH! Services include:

  • Complete, no-cost portfolio assessment, including solar suitability, system sizing, savings estimates and identifying gap funding
  • Deep community engagement, including workforce development and energy efficiency education for tenants
  • Evaluation of energy efficiency and battery storage options
  • Support to make your new developments “Solar Ready”
  • Full service solar installation with integrated job training above and beyond the SOMAH requirements


Contact Cheng Fou Saechao
Multifamily Coordinator