Ontario Together 2023 Progress Report is Now Available

The Transformative Climate Communities Program (TCC) is an innovative investment in community-scale climate action. Launched in 2017 by the California State Legislature, TCC funds the implementation of neighborhood-level transformative plans that include multiple coordinated projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program is also designed to provide an array of local economic, environmental, and health benefits to disadvantaged communities while minimizing the risk of displacement. TCC empowers the communities most impacted by pollution to choose their own goals, strategies, and projects to enact transformational change.

The UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation (LCI) serves as the lead evaluator, and produces the TCC Ontario reports. LCI researchers work with the community to document their progress and evaluate the impacts of TCC investments.

This progress report is the fourth in a series of five that will provide an overview of the key accomplishments and estimated benefits of TCC-funded activities in the City of Ontario, collectively referred to as Ontario Together.

During this reporting period of 2021-2022, GRID IE installed 37 solar photovoltaic systems across the project area, totaling 371 kilowatts of DC-rated (kW-DC) power. Of the 37 systems installed, 34 benefited low-income homeowners, providing financial relief in the face of rising energy costs. GRID IE also installed three solar photovoltaic systems at low-income multi-family properties (Vista Verde Apartments, Assisi House, and Francis Apartments). All of these properties house low-income individuals and families. The energy cost savings from the solar photovoltaic systems will be reinvested in services for residents and building maintenance.

Read the report here.