Priscilla’s Silver Lining


March 04, 2019
GRID client Priscilla Morrow-Moreno stands in front of her home with rooftop solar panels.

Priscilla Morrow-Moreno, a native of Cerritos, California, picked up to move from her hometown to start a new life with her husband in Perris, California. Priscilla was excited for her husband to start his new job and for them to purchase their first home.

In 2012, after 25 years of marriage, her husband sadly became ill and passed, which left Priscilla with one income. To make matters worse, she was laid off from her job a few years after her husband’s passing. As a result, she had to refinance her home and file for unemployment.

Priscilla decided to join EDD’s Workforce Development program and in this program learned about GRID Alternatives. GRID was not in her area at that time, so she simply signed up and was placed on a waitlist. She spent the next two years attending her workforce development program and taking courses that could allow for her to expand her knowledge. One day, she received a phone call that would change her life.

GRID contacted Priscilla to let her know that funding was now available in her area and she had been qualified for GRID’s Energy for All Solar Program, a program which provides no cost solar to income-qualified families. She was ecstatic. She went through with the simple and straightforward application process and was soon signing documents to receive her no-cost solar panels. Before applying through GRID, she had no prior knowledge of solar power, or how it would benefit her. Yoselyn, the outreach coordinator, explained how solar panels would benefit her and lower her energy bill.

Priscilla believes that her new solar  will allow for her to no longer struggle financially. “I’m just really grateful and I appreciate that I qualified”, she stated. “I’m just glad that [senior citizens] have opportunities [such as GRID’s Solar Program]”. She has referred many of her friends and neighbors, and hopes to continue to let others know about GRID’s program. If you, or someone you know, is interested in GRID’s Solar for All Program, be sure to visit and apply to see if you qualify!