Solar for the Cook Family


January 27, 2020
Mr. and Mrs. Cook

Althea Cook and her husband have lived in the city of Perris a little over two years. They have three adult children and three grandkids. Althea was born in Detroit, Michigan and moved to California in 1979 where she grew up in Moreno Valley. Her husband is originally from Riverside, California. They left the Inland Empire in 2006 and moved to Atlanta, Georgia but returned to Southern California two years ago and bought their home in Perris. 

Althea worked as an administrative auditor for the State of California and her husband was a correction officer. He also served as a correction supervisor in Georgia prior to moving to Perris. 

The Cook’s learned about GRID from a neighbor who received solar through GRID. “Since we’ve moved to our current home, several solar companies had solicited their services to us, but we couldn’t afford them,” said Althea. The neighbor encouraged them to apply for GRID and explained that GRID was different from other solar companies because the qualifications are based on your income level. They were very thankful they applied. “The Outreach Coordinator Rosemary and all the GRID staff have been very helpful. It has been a great experience!” 

Althea said that she and her husband are retired and on a fixed income. She explained that although they are on Southern California Edison’s California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) program, which reduces their energy bills about 20% each month, they look forward to the savings they will soon see on their utility bill once the solar system is turned on. GRID’s Energy for All program saves families up to 80% on their energy bills. “In the summer months, our bills average over $200, so the savings will help tremendously,” explained Althea. 

The Cook family has always been energy-conscience, and now that they have solar they will be doing their part to help reduce California’s carbon footprint. 

As empty nesters and retirees, they look forward to being more active in the community. Althea said her and her husband enjoy attending R&B, Jazz and old school concerts. Also, spending time with family and their grandkids. 

To see if you qualify for GRID’s Energy for All solar energy program, call 951.465.2864 or visit