Strength Comes from Positivity


November 28, 2016

Is there someone in your life who gives and lives 100% of their life to inspire everyone around them to do the same? Army veteran, mother, church and community leader Pat Brown knows the value of lending a helping hand through her volunteer work at her church Life Changing Ministries and being an advocate for GRID Alternatives.

Before becoming part of GRID’s family, Pat never considered solar as a power option. It was just something she thought she could never afford. Her monthly electric bill was very low because buying food for her family always outweighed paying an exorbitantly high utility bill. Pat and her daughter Sarah lived without heat or air conditioning for five years, which ultimately launched her journey to become a solar advocate.

Pat learned about GRID’s Solar Affordable Housing Program through Neighborhood Housing Services Inland Empire (NHSIE) as she was seeking ways to improve living conditions in her home. Through the help of NHSIE, her residence was remodeled with energy efficient windows and appliances. Then in 2015, Pat became a GRID homeowner, receiving a solar electric system that is expected to produce over $35,000 worth of energy savings over the next 25 years.

Pat’s efforts at the church and speaking about GRID’s solar program soon attracted the attention of, a nonprofit that strives for stronger families and a more secure future for everyone. Together with GRID IE and Life Changing Ministries, set up an inspirational celebration to honor Pat for her dedicated commitment to her community. Watch what happened when Sarah took the stage to thank her mom for shining with positivity.

The closing months of 2016 are a perfect time to reflect on the year and think about people you know who could benefit from a GRID system. Be like Pat and give 100% back to your community. Tell your friends and neighbors about GRID through social media, or if you know someone who may qualify, call us at 888.496.4743.