Thank you, Southern California Edison, for your support!

Thank you Southern California Edison volunteers!

SCE volunteers installed a 5.2kW system for the Nesar family and a 5.5kW solar system for the Barcenas family in the City of Ontario, California.

Over the lifetime of the system, the Nesar household will save over $31,000 in energy costs, and the Barcenas household will save over $33,850. A combined savings of over $64,850!

Both families are excited to join the renewable energy movement and help the planet while reducing their energy bill. Their systems have the environmental impact of removing 170 tons of carbon from the air–equivalent to planting 3,957 trees!

Helping People Live Affordably

Nearly 30% of owner-occupied households are considered low-income, and these families have to make hard decisions every day about how to spend their limited resources. Solar power helps people live more affordably in their homes, and contributes to their long-term financial security.

With the volunteerism of Southern California Edison and funding support from Edison International, GRID Inland Empire is bringing the benefits of solar to the families that need it most.