Volunteer Spotlight: James Adauto


August 03, 2012

At any given installation, you’ll find solar job trainees learning new skills to get careers in the solar industry, general contractors and electricians expanding their knowledge so they can expand their own businesses, do-it-yourselfers getting advice so they can install their own solar systems, entrepreneurs gaining insights into the trade so they can open their own solar companies, community members practicing their skills and giving back to their communities, financial execs, real estate professionals, retirees, Veterans, students, youth… and the list goes on!

One dedicated volunteer is James ("Jimmy") Adauto. Jimmy came to GRID Alternatives after participating in the Homeboy Industries program in LA for formerly gang-involved and recently incarcerated men and women. Jimmy was ready to turn his life around for himself and his family and saw a bright future in the green industry. He started volunteering with GRID Alternatives in April this year to supplement his classroom solar training. Already, Jimmy’s logged in over 170 installation hours and is a Certified Roof Team Leader! And with his experience with GRID, Jimmy landed a position with the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union to work on a solar thermal project at the California-Nevada state line! Dan Glasow, one of GRID IE’s Solar Installation Supervisors, was impressed by Jimmy from the start. "Jimmy is a real go-getter. With his quick learning abilities and positive attitude, I’m sure he will excel in his new career."

Last week, Jimmy also connected GRID IE up with Zazou Productions, Inc., a New York production company, making a documentary on behalf of NHK, the Japanese equivalent to PBS. Thanks to Jimmy, both GRID’s and Jimmy’s stories will be featured in the documentary on the energy industry in the US, including the clean energy industry in California. The documentary will be released in Japan in the Fall, bringing GRID to the international arena! We’ll announce its broadcasting when we receive more information. Commenting on his GRID experience, Jimmy said, "Anything I can do to help GRID, I will. I appreciate what you've done for me."

While not all of us can be in the bright lights, every GRID volunteer and supporter help us make BRIGHTER FUTURES for our homeowners, each other, and our communities! Thank you GRID IE volunteers for your passion, dedication, and commitment to GRID Alternatives!

To learn more about volunteering with GRID IE, including our internship opportunities, contact us at infoie@gridalternatives.org.


Posted by Bambi Tran, Regional Director, GRID Inland Empire, Posted on August 3, 2012