GRID Alternatives San Diego

GRID Alternatives San Diego & Imperial Counties

930 Gateway Center Way, San Diego, CA 92102
Phone: (619) 239-GRID (4743),
Fax: (619) 923-3361 (for general inquires)


Executive & Department Managers


Paul Cleary, Executive Director,, 619-610-0160

Marty Jones, Construction Manager,, 619-610-0167

Evelyn Blanco, Outreach Manager, 619-610-0163

Eddie Price, Community Outreach Representative ,, 619-610-1174

Livia Funkhouser, Volunteer & Workforce Coordinator,, 619-610-117

Emma Higgins, Communications Coordinator,, 616-558-9518


Imperial County


Brian Gonzalez, Project Assistant,, 619-610-1176


Regional News

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