San Diego

The Mendoza family pose in front of balloons at 1000th install celebration
GRID staff and volunteers gathered at client’s home to celebrate 1000th installation and share why they are proud of what has been accomplished. Read More >
“We need all the help we can get to save the environment. I think about my great grandchildren and what their future will be like.” Read More >
For many trainees, learning about solar creates community as well as job opportunities Read More >
GRID’s Communications Specialist, Maisha Kudumu, spent the day with our latest Women’s Build crew and learned about their motivation and hopes for a solar future Read More >
Erica needed employment and wanted to do something positive in her community -- for her, solar was the answer. Read More >
It is no surprise that the Diggs family are on the forefront of their neighborhood’s transition to solar Read More >
For Daniel, GRID represented a missing piece in his solar education. Read More >
“As an immigrant and a woman, I’ve always been fighting for human rights and social justice.” Read More >
Anthony Crosson loves 'making things work' -- “Putting things together, then turning them on knowing it’ll stay there for years to come. It feels good to know I did that.” Read More >
Last month, over a dozen trainees got hands-on experience installing no-cost solar for a family in southeast San Diego as part of the NAACP’s Solar Equity Initiative. Read More >
As Jarell approached his 18th birthday, his hometown of Passaic, New Jersey began to get smaller and smaller. He became acutely aware he had never really traveled. Sure he’d been up and down the East Coast, but had never traveled outside of the country. The Navy was his chance to travel abroad and get a taste of life elsewhere. Read More >


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