San Diego

“If there is a challenge in life, it just means there is a victory waiting to happen.” Read More >
Local refugee youth forge new careers in solar power after training with GRID. Read More >
Savings for you, clean power for your community. Introducing the Energy for All Program! Read More >
Spread awareness about solar energy and energy access during Solar Education Week, April 15-21, 2018, by hosting or attending an event inf your community! Read More >
Community Appreciation Day will bring together renewable energy advocacy groups, local officials and GRID clients and volunteers to learn about the latest in solar policy and innovation, as well as how to make their own homes more energy efficient. Read More >
This installation, which took place on World Refugee Day, has offered participants an important glimpse into what solar installation entails. Some of the attendees will now move forward with the process of enrolling in GRID San Diego’s recently launched ‘Solar Installation Training Program.' Read More >
“We have to preserve this planet for future generations, or what will they have?” Read More >
When we put solar on a home, much of the energy it produces ends up back on the power grid, earning credits that offset electricity purchased from the utility at other times of day. But one GRID homeowner now has a way to bank her own power. Read More >
Every member of the GRID San Diego community is vital to our success. We used our end of year event, Solstice, as a forum to honor those who really went the extra mile this year. Read More >
Ms. Phillips’ environmental motivations weren’t motivation enough for local solar contractors. Read More >
Hung Nguyen and his family are finally catching a break. After months of electricity bills exceeding $400, they can now look forward to solar savings thanks to their new PV system installed by Union Bank employee volunteers. Read More >


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