Trainee Spotlight: Sardar S. Noori

By Michelle Kearney

“Everything!!” is what Sardar said when I asked him what he liked about solar energy.  For Sardar, one of our newest-graduated installation basics trainees, solar makes sense on a social, logical, emotional, and personal level. 

This is not a newly-found passion for him.  When dealing with energy instability while living in Afghanistan, Sardar began researching renewable energy systems and successfully built his own water-powered energy source. The way he sees it, renewable energy projects- especially solar installations - are a way to help people save money and have access to a stable source of energy. 

Previously, Sardar served several roles in the US Army in Afghanistan, ranging from Supervisor to material handling.  He and his family recently moved to San Diego from Virginia, and are wasting no time in getting involved with San Diego’s solar industry. 

After graduating from his initial training in June, Sardar accepted an extended training position with us, and went right to work on one of the biggest-scale projects GRID San Diego has done to date!

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