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GRID Alternatives partners with whole communities to bring solar power and solar jobs to low-income communities and communities of color.

Corporate Partnerships
Companies that invest in GRID Alternatives are investing in positive, measurable impacts in their community and demonstrating commitment to environmental sustainability. Corporate partners can support our work through sponsored workdays for their employees and/or investment in our local programs. Please contact Emma Higgins, Development and Communications Officer at to learn about the different ways your corporation could get involved with GRID's mission. Click here for a list of our organization-wide partnerships


Job Training Partnerships

We partner with local job training organizations to provide students hands-on experience and networking opportunities, complementing classroom learning and preparing them for employment. We also run our own Solar Installation Training Program, where qualifying trainees can get paid to learn about solar with us. Please contact our workforce department to learn about current opportunities:

Local Government & Municipal Partnerships

We partner with local governments throughout the region to help them address housing affordability, provide meaningful workforce development opportunities for residents, and meet their renewable energy goals. We work with the City of San Diego via their CDBG program to help solarize low-to-moderate income communities and provide paid training to San Diegans looking to kickstart a career in the solar industry.

Utility Partnerships

We help utilities develop programs and solar projects meet their renewable energy goals and address energy affordability for low-income customers.

Affordable Housing Partnerships

We partner with both single-family and multifamily affordable housing providers to develop solar projects that make their housing more environmentally sustainable, reduce electricity costs for residents, and provide solar workforce training opportunities for community members. Learn about our technical assistance program for multifamily housing.

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