Trainee Spotlight: Luis Gomez

Luis Gomez just graduated from GRID’s Installation Basics Training (IBT) program. An electrician by trade, Luis is excited to transition his career to the renewable energy sector. Luis first found out about GRID in 2018 through one of our long time volunteers, Lucy Conde. He made our training program one of his tasks to accomplish in 2019.  

Solar panel installation wasn’t completely new to Luis. “It was another aspect of my work that I definitely wanted to learn more about,” he says. 

Luis’ 12 years of experience as an electrician definitely came in handy on the worksite -- giving him more confidence with some of the trickier tasks such as wiring modules and connecting inverters; grounding arrays and bending conduit. 

Luis happily shared his existing knowledge of wiring techniques and utility layouts with his crew members, in both English and Spanish. His enthusiasm didn’t falter as he tackled new experiences such as creating roof layouts and mounting rails, which he says were his favorite aspects of installations.  

Ultimately Luis says his experience at GRID exposed him to high quality products, expert trainers and practical application at a time when the theory of the typical indoor classroom was no longer enough for him. 

Luis is excited by the innovation of the ever expanding solar industry.  “The solar industry is here to stay,” he says happily. “It’s great for new opportunities and job security!”  As a proud papa of six, for Luis, these innovations feel increasingly crucial.